Friday, 12 June 2009


Just finished an hour on Adrian Goldberg's show, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I'm broadminded, I know I'm open and honest, and I know I'm fairly unique when it comes to matters of the heart and further down, but I genuinely wasn't sure I would be able to handle random callers and text comments. I thought I would be judged for being the 'Serial Mistress' so hated by the callers last time, and I thought I would have something thrown at me that I wouldn't be able to handle and I would completely die on the air. Admittedly with Adrian around that would probably not happen but I didn't want him having to carry a guest. He's good but he shouldn't be doing my part too :)

Its only when you're faced with the things that scare you, and come out of it unscathed, that you realise you're more than capable of handling anything. It gives you a satisfying glow knowing that you can take on your critics and any curve ball that comes along.

The show went very well, and maybe there will be a bizarre, dirty, but entertaining regular spot to play with. I can imagine it would work well.

Anyway, its a shame its in the middle of the night and all my Twitter followers missed it, but I think they all know what I'm like so they can 'imagine' how the show panned out.

Now I really must hit the sack, and I promise over the weekend I will be blogging more, I have so many in draft, sitting waiting to go, but haven't had the chance to post them. So for all my fans and followers, I will be blogging at the weekend, and fingers crossed you will be just as pleased as you usually are with my odd mutterings lol.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hanky Panky.....

*** HANKY-PANKY! ***

An evening of Frisky Burlesque Frivolity!

Thurs 16th July @ Brudenell Social Club, Hyde Park, Leeds
Doors open 7pm, 1st act 8pm sharp
Entrance £6/£4 NUS

Come and get that warm feeling that only charity and gratuitous nudity can bring!

An evening of unmissable mischief and frippory featuring:
The enchantingly enticing Adelina le Shay!
The gracefully gratifying Crystal Cupcake!
The saucy siren Miss Cissy P!
Gorgous glamour girls The Dagger Dames!
Yorkshire's finest boylesque star: Duke Wayward!
The feisty Frauline Freya Fox!
The effortlessly elegant Glorian Grey!
The stunningly seductive Jubilee Swoon!
The teasing temptress May Hemm!
The prettily provocative Nana Katana!
The beautifully bawdy Nelly Plum!
The adorably alluring Ruby Buttons!
The vivacious vixen Willow Blue!

Not to mention dazzling vocals from our compere the delectabley divine Emm Brulee!

What a stonker of a line-up!

Dare you miss it???

Join the event: