Sunday, 8 March 2009

Beauty ....

I'm watching Katie Price on TV and its made me ask the question what makes a woman beautiful. We are surrounded by media telling us we have to be size 4, skinny, big boobs, tall, long hair, long nails, perfect makeup, just the right clothes, but is that what makes us beautiful? As Jordan she was a sex symbol, driving men wild up and down the country, and as Katie Price, although the image has changed dramatically, she is still very attractive to many, but as many?? Who knows. Has she attracted a new breed of 'follower' by being a yummy mummy?

Cheryl Cole, a stunning woman, amazing figure, hair, face, exterior but it wasn't enough for her to keep her man faithful. Her husband has wandered, you would think because she's traditionally beautiful he wouldn't need to.

Liz Hurley, also a stunning woman, amazing figure, hair, face, exterior but it wasn't enough for Hugh Grant to stay faithful, ending up with a hooker, who quite frankly was not a classic beauty.

Is it, therefore, nothing to do with the exterior?

Naturally because of the recent media attention I've had to bear the brunt of some criticism about my age, my looks, and my weight, but when it comes to men I seem to do just fine. What do men really want? Anyone who reads this blog knows I date men, married men, single men, attached men, and even a gay man :) But what makes me different in their eyes?

With married men I tend not to see the other half, its not something I would want to do, because it makes it far too personal, but occasionally it happens, by accident or by mistake on his part, I see a photograph. I have been surprised at how physically beautiful these women are, they look after themselves, they work out, they watch their weight, they spend time at the salon making sure they look great, but their man is with me, small, curvy, not been in a gym for years. Clearly beauty is not all about the outside.

I have always believed, and have been told, that men don't necessarily want to wake up next to a princess, they want to be woken by someone who wants them, and can't start their day until they have had them. Is that all it is? Is it because the men I meet aren't shallow, and they want more in a woman than the fake boobs and the tiny waist, or maybe married guys aren't remotely interested in what their mistress looks like and go for the interest, the attention, the affection, and the offer of everything that is missing.

I suppose everyone is different, and I'm not every mans taste, but I certainly do ok for myself, and I'm thrilled to say I've heard from other women who aren't 'stereotypical mistress material' who are doing very well too, I feel thats one in the eye for the skinny, fake woman :)

What are your preferences, and why? I'd be interested to know.