Sunday, 5 April 2009

Good or bad boys.......

According to the ancient art of face reading apparently its easy to spot a good boy or a bad boy, a cheater or a stayer. I'm not so sure, but it was interesting reading all the same. I wonder if the married men who follow my blog would agree with some of this? :)
  1. Bad boy - Cold eyes - If he's got a cold, steely gaze then he's the predatory type. He enjoys the thrill of the chase and won't let anything stop him getting what he wants.
  2. Good boy - Twinkly eyes - Men with sparkly eyes that crinkle at the corners or laughter lines indicate that he's warm, friendly and isn't afraid of showing his emotions.
  3. Bad boy - Thin lips - Men with thin lips tend to be more interested in sex than emotions. If his top lip is thinner than his bottom lip, he'll struggle to commit to just one woman.
  4. Good boy - Full lips - Full, rounded lips show that he's caring, sensitive and good at communicating his feelings. He also generous with his time – and his money!
  5. Bad boy - Watery eyes - If he has watery eyes, then this guy only wants to get a woman into bed! He's motivated by lust rather than love, so never expects more than a one-night stand.
  6. Good boy - Large, bright eyes - If he's got large, bright eyes then he's perfect boyfriend material! Men with eyes like this tend to be open, honest and caring – which makes them good fathers, too.
  7. Bad boy - Thin face - A long, thin face shows that he's single-minded and stubborn and won't always consider her thoughts and feelings. In other words, he's totally selfish!
  8. Good boy - Broad face - Love and relationships are very important to men with broad faces and full cheeks, and they will happily commit when they meet Miss Right.
  9. Bad boy - Pointed hairline - If his hairline is shaped into a point he's probably very popular with the ladies – and he's a natural flirt who will struggle to resist their attention.
  10. Good boy - Straight hairline - A straight hairline and rectangular-shaped forehead shows that he's thoughtful and well balanced. This is a man who won't mess a woman around.
  11. Bad boy - Big, bushy eyebrows - Big, bushy eyebrows indicate that he has high testosterone levels – and a high sex drive to match. He's driven by lust and always looking for his next conquest.
  12. Good boy - Moon shaped eyebrows - Light, curved moon-shaped eyebrows suggest that he is thoughtful and considerate. He's the traditional type and marriage and children are important to him.
  13. Bad boy - Big ears - The bigger his ears, the more willing he is to take risks. If his ears are large he gets a thrill out of danger – which means he's more likely to cheat on a woman.
  14. Good boy - Small, well-shaped ears mean that he's a good listener and will always think before he acts. He wants a happy, comfortable life and someone to share it with.
  15. Bad boy - Square chin - A man with a square chin is very competitive and loves a challenge. He never gives up until he gets what he wants, but then he's easily bored and fickle.
  16. Good boy - A man who has a defined jaw-line with a chin that isn't too big or too small shows he's open-minded, considerate and easygoing – the perfect man!

Interesting, but is it true ? :)

Balance of power.......

My lifestyle is different, different from my friends lives, different from the norm, different from the expected and at the moment it is suiting me very well.

I have spent most of my dating life stressing over men, whether they will call, whether they like me, whether they are going to be around in a week, a month, a year, and whether they actually want me. Just as I see my friends now, worrying about what his lack of communication means, why he won't meet her friends, why he's 'working so hard', why it feels like he's so busy he must be running the world, why the gym is more important than a date, why the football takes priority, and why the excuses seem plentiful, I realise there is an uneven balance of power in most relationships. Women are, by nature, the submissive sex, they are patient, more tolerant and understanding, therefore the power tends to be with the man, when he wants sex he will make the effort, when he doesn't need sex everything on the planet takes priority over his woman, and because of that women worry, stress and end up feeling pathetic for being so needy and not knowing where they stand.

With my lifestyle the balance of power has shifted. I've not turned into a heartless bitch who has no feeling, and I am not a Puppetmaster, controlling my suitors, but the days of me worrying, stressing and being pathetic are long gone. If a man doesn't contact me then that's his loss, if a man is so unbelievably busy with work then I will be entertaining myself elsewhere, with someone who has made time for me, if a man shows unacceptable behaviour then he doesn't get a chance to beg and plead and make me feel guilty for objecting to it. Because I'm not reliant on one man to make me happy I am not in the difficult position most of my friends find themselves in. I don't have to compromise, settle, or sacrifice, I choose the most amazing men to date, I choose the men I have a lot in common with, the men who are cultured, intelligent, fun and exciting, and adding to that I have my single time, my alone time, that I absolutely love. A lot of women find it hard to be alone, but I relish it. I have the best of both worlds, and I also have regained a lot of the control that women lose when they are in a relationship.

My friends are happy in their relationships, they may moan and whinge about their partners, everyone does, but they, like all women in the world, are stressing about what his behaviour means. I've learnt not to worry about his behaviour, men are simple creatures, and if he's too busy to see me, then that's surely his loss ;)

I believe we should be living our lives with more reasons to smile than frown, and, although my lifestyle doesn't suit everyone, and many disapprove of how I live my life, I can honestly say I smile more than I frown.