Friday, 17 April 2009

Another additon 2 .......

I've decided to have my Serial Mistress blog for the normal blogging, views, funnies, questions, interesting facts and general musings, the Agony Mistress blog is for any problems or issues anyone has with regard to affairs, illicit encounters and relationships, and I'm creating the X Rated Mistress for more 'detailed' posts about my own encounters, past, present or future. I'd love you to follow all three and of course contribute in any way you would like. I love your comments, I love your emails and I love your support. The X Rated version of my blog will be created over the next couple of days but I'd love to hear suggestions for the name of it. X Rated just seems a bit 'boring' :)

So, Serial Mistress, Agony Mistress and ???????? Mistress, what's it to be? :)