Monday, 9 August 2010

Tut tut Mr Crouch....

Yet another footballer hits the headlines. This time he's playing away with a hooker. And yet again we can hear the entire country take a sharp intake of breath, tut and ask why? His girlfriend is one of the most beautiful women in the public eye, I don't know a man who wouldn't want to be with her, not just because she's stunning, but because she has a fabulous personality, sense of humour and understands the offside rule. Naturally we don't know what the situation is at home, and to be honest we still don't know if his indiscretion is actually true, but we are all wondering what would possess a man to play around with a hooker when he has a model girlfriend at home. He was, of course, the man who, when asked 'If you weren't a footballer, what would you be?' replied 'A virgin'. A classic line, but surely he's not short of offers now, so the press were struggling to work out why he decided to play away with a prostitute.

I understand why a man plays away, probably better than most, but the questions are still asked when a celebrity hits the headlines.

Anyway, thanks to Mr Crouch, Rosie from IllicitEncounters, and I, were busy doing interviews about the subject. And, as usual, the phone in programmes were incredibly popular, with many men confessing to affairs, and many women condemning the mistress. I, yet again, fought my corner pretty well.

Here is a link to Alex Bellfield, Radio Leeds from this morning. He tried to shake me, and even, at one point, referred to me as no better than a murderer - I love the shock tactics they attempt to use - but I handled it well and did my bit.

Enjoy the show. The whole interview is on from about 6 minutes into the show. Let me know what you think of the subject, and what your views are on the difference between an affair and seeing a prostitute.