Monday, 4 April 2011


I've been open to a lot of criticism lately, and I guess that comes with the territory, but the major gripe is the fact that I 'censor' my comments on here. I have done that simply because I was getting threats, and grief from someone who didn't know how to behave. I always believed if you couldn't say something nice then don't say anything at all. Comments on Facebook or Twitter I can deal with, but I shouldn't have to cope with anonymous hassle on here. I started this blog because it was fun, because I thought some people might be interested, and because it has a certain cathartic effect. But the grief I have tolerated has been above and beyond what anyone should deal with. If you don't like what I do then move on, don't read my blog and boil about it, just read someone else's blog. If you don't like how I look then tough, you don't have to look at me every day, so move on, go and read someone's blog you like the look of. And if you think you need to criticise how I write or how often I do it, then please find something more important or interesting to complain about. My blog is exactly that. MY BLOG. And if you don't like how I run it, what I post, or how I write, then move on and read a different one. I don't ask anyone to read what I have to say, and least of all the idiots who want to comment on 'My fat neck'!

If you don't like it, go away.

I have never once commented negatively on anyone's blog, or even anyone's Facebook page etc. There is no need because I am busy enough running my life instead of getting involved in the lives of people I don't know. I happen to love my life the way it is. I have never, and will never, listen to any negative people when it comes to MY life. Worry about your own lives and not mine. I was pleased when my sick follower who was threatening me had finally given up and gone away, but just for anyone else who wants to criticise or threaten, and then complain because their comments aren't being read by anyone else, tough, I'm not changing it for you or anyone else. If you have something negative to say to ME then mail ME direct. Don't voice your opinion for effect or to see if you can start a witch hunt on here. It won't work, so take your vile crap elsewhere.

Thank you!!