Friday, 18 February 2011


I have taken time away from my blog for various reasons. I have been seeing a single man I met when I was trying my '30 dates in 30 days' experiment. I've been ill and needed a break from things on here. I've had family issues to deal with, and I've had a new addition to my family - Josie Dollyknockers.

But also I've been hassled, bothered and bullied by someone on the net - hence my relative silence on here and Twitter. I've managed to block his hideous comments from appearing on the blog, and I've spoken to the police about his increasing criticism, judgements and threats. Hopefully he will settle down now, now he realises he can't reach the general public with his vitriolic attacks. I'm determined not to let some hideous reject, with no social skills whatsoever, stop me doing something I love. I love dating, I love writing and I love running my blog. No one has ever tried to stop me writing, which is surprising considering some of the backlash I have faced after my press appearances, and no one is going to stop me now.

So I won't be bothered by him any longer. I won't be bothered by any other small-minded opinions. And I won't be bothered if anyone feels bitter because I didn't want them. Opening yourself up to criticism is part of writing a blog, but having threats aimed at you is a little unnecessary. I will always face criticism based on my lifestyle choices, but constructive criticism, educated and intelligent comments, will be appreciated. Badly spelt nastiness will just be mocked! :)

I'm back.......

Firstly, I will apologise profusely, to all of my dedicated followers, for my silence - it seems to have been no time at all, but it has flown by. So I want to thank you all for sticking around and being patient while you had nothing exciting or stimulating to read on here. There have been several reasons, some I want to keep private for now, and some I will tell you about in my next few posts. But I am back. I am back dating. I am back dating married or attached guys. And I am back dating as the Serial Mistress. Normal service can now be resumed.