Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Did Santa Come?...

No, tut tut, I don't mean did he deposit the contents of his sack under your tree!! :) I mean, did he bring you all something lovely?

Sadly, he brought me and my family the mother of all stomach bugs that has left us all bedridden for a week - and not the good way I'd like to stay in bed! But he did bring me lots of lovely things, especially before Christmas, which is when my Christmas day actually is. I usually have several celebrations depending on when my 'friends' are available.

It's a crazy time of the year for all those attached dads out there, with kids off school and the Mrs hanging around, and it's hard to fit the mistress into the equation, especially near the actual day. So I've always been very accommodating and I've never complained about having more than one restaurant serving me an exquisite turkey dinner and several bottles of champagne in the lead up. I also can't complain about Santa managing to find time to fit me in early. I've never been sure if he fits me in early because I've been naughty and don't deserve it on 'the big day' or because I've not been good, even bloody excellent!! :)

Anyway, Santa didn't have much imagination this year, I need to have a word with him - OR - my 'friends' are trying to tell me something! :) I got six bottles of perfume and two necklaces. The necklaces are beautiful, no complaints there, and my men clearly have exquisite taste, but the perfume?? Do I smell bad to justify six bottles? (No is the answer you're looking for by the way) I think it's partly my own fault to be honest, I've spent the last couple of months having a blitz and clear out of my perfume cupboard and decided to empty a few bottles with only a few days supply left in each one. I like to make space by using things up, its very satisfying finishing any kind of bottle! :) So I've been pulling virtually empty bottles of fragrance out of my handbag while on dates. Not a very subtle hint is it? But I actually didn't realise what it must have looked like until I received so many new ones, it really wasn't intentional :) Honest guv... :) But its lovely to know that my 'friends' are so observant, thank you!

He brought me some very sexy underwear too, but I have the dilemma of 'should I only ever wear it for the man who bought it for me, or is it acceptable to wear it more often?' I don't mean for doing the ironing, although that would make the chores fun and interesting, but is it unethical to wear it while entertaining another man? I'd love to know from all the girls if they keep their underwear exclusively for the man who bought it, or does it get a viewing elsewhere? And from the guys, would you mind if the underwear you bought for her was being used with her other lover/s? (Bearing in mind - you're in a relationship where you know she has more than one suitor lol).

Anyway, I hope Santa was good to you too, there are benefits to being a serial mistress, just like my lovers - Santa gets to come more than once :-)