Friday, 5 February 2010

Infidelity stats......

Some stats* you might be interested in, some fascinating, some shocking :)
  • Three out of four men will cheat on their wives and/or girlfriends
  • One in four men has more than four affairs
  • Fewer than one in ten men having an affair will leave their wife for their mistress
  • Three-quarters of men who do marry their mistress will later divorce her
  • 80% of men and women who divorce because of an affair ultimately regret their decision
  • The richer, more successful and better educated a man is, the more likely he is to have an affair - but the less like he is to leave his wife
  • 88% of 'alpha males' cheat
  • 85% of women who suspect their lover is cheating are correct
  • 50% of women discover their partner's first affair (which means 50% don't...)
  • Only 46% of men believe online affairs are adultery
  • 94% of men don't think flirting is being unfaithful
  • Ten years after divorce, just 10% of couples (husbands and wives) have a better quality of life
  • Post-divorce, men are financially 25% better off. Women are 20% worse off
  • Given the chance, nearly 80% of men would remarry their ex-wife
  • Almost 60% of spouses find out about an affair when their partner confesses
  • In a quarter of cases, the spouse discovered the truth when they found evidence of the affair themselves
  • Only in 7% of cases did someone else (including the mistress) tell them
  • Almost two-thirds of women regularly sneak a look at their partner's private text messages and emails, particularly when they suspect him of being unfaithful
  • When they snoop, more than one in five women find positive proof of infidelity
* sources are available on request