Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Man Facts .....

More interesting but true facts about my favourite subject...

  • 1/3 of men have never had a romantic breakfast with their girlfriend
  • One fifth of men have had a steamy Skype session
  • 70% of men have watched porn online. I think the others are lying
  • 27% of men would sleep with someone 'repulsive' for £1m
  • 96% of men wouldn't send flowers to their partner's work
  • 18% of men go on a diet because of a new partner
  • Men think a loose bun is the best hairstyle for a first date
  • 11% of men admit to flirting at work
  • Men spend an average of £235 a year on looking good
  • 42% of men say they're single because they are shy
  • 57% of men would prefer a month without sex than a month without their mobile
  • 28% of men don't know girls pluck their chin hairs
  • 27% of men would date a married woman
  • 50% of holiday romances last less than a week
  • 33% of men say they feel depressed on 'fat days'
  • 1/4 men wee in the shower
  • 79% of men think it's most likely they'll meet their next girlfriend at work
  • 16% of men have pretended a ready meal was something they'd cooked to impress a date
  • 15% of men have left an extra-large tip because they fancied the waitress
  • 9% of men don't know the main ingredient of cheese
  • 10% of men are terrified of spiders
  • 10% of men say they're less attracted to women who can't cook
  • Only 35% of men wear clean pants everyday!
  • 10% of men have a teddy bear that they hide when a girl stays over
  • 62% of men are baffled by flat pack furniture
  • 22% of men have a bank account they don't tell their partner about
  • Men are prepared to spend an average of £55.47 on a first date
  • Larger men last longer in bed than skinny men
  • 7% of men have used their partner's toothbrush

It's been a while....

I've been getting grief for not posting, so I've decided to start again.  Various reasons stopped me writing but I've missed it.  I've been keeping up with my posts, on paper, but just not on here.  I realised it wasn't what I started the blog for, so here I am again.  Time to get back into it, and start enjoying what I loved doing in the first place.

If anyone has anything negative to say about my return, please crack on, but nothing is going to stop me posting any more.