Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Andrew Marr....

Tut tut Andrew, at it again!  Proving my point though, once a cheat - always a cheat, or every man will take the opportunity if it's presented to him at the right time.

Anyway, we were discussing this on the Mike Parr show on Radio Tees yesterday morning.  And also debating the question - 'Is sorry every enough?'

Andrew Marr's wife is incredibly upset with him, understandably, but will his 'Sorry I was drunk' comment cure all?  They have a forced separation for a week or two due to his work commitments, will that help or hinder the crisis?  Who knows.  But all men in the public eye should really sort themselves out and stop being so bloody indiscreet!

Men! :)

Here's the link to my interview with Mike, and the lovely Rosie Freeman-Jones was on before me too.

On from about 34 mins into the show.  Rosie starts about 20 mins in.

Enjoy  xx