Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sex Around the World....

Some sex facts about some of the hottest countries in the world...

Spain - A survey of 15,000 women in 20 countries ranked Spanish men the best lovers in the world, followed by Brazilians, then Italians. Altogether now: Hola Senor!!

Brazil - Men in Brazil have had more partners in their lifetime - and more threesomes - than anyone else. Or maybe they're just the biggest liars.

USA - A whopping one in five Yanks has taken 'performance-enhancing pills' to help them along in the bedroom. That's a whole lot of Viagra.

Tunisia - Poor old Tunisians have to wait until they're 20 to get laid legally - compared to 13 in Spain.

Australia - Almost three quarters of all Aussie men have had sex in a car. So that's why the Sheila's Wheels women look so damned happy.

France - If you're looking for hot sex with a Frenchman, steer clear of fresh-faced youth - one in five 18 to 24-year-olds claims they have no interest whatsoever in sex or romance.

Greece - If you're a fan of chat, Greek gods are perfectly happy talking abut sex all day, and think kissing and hugging in public - not to mention talking dirty - is fine.

Portugal - If it's fast love you want, Portugal is the place to be - 81% of men admit to having had a one night stand.

South Korea - Across the world, men have sex, on average, 2.8 times a week - but in South Korea they manage a knee-trembling 4.5.

Italy - The average Italian stallion finds talking dirty the biggest turn-off in bed - but body odour only bothers a tiny 2% of young men there.

UK - British men have got plenty to boast about, too - our men spend longer on foreplay than those of any other nation.