Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New Podcast site....

I'm in the process of setting up a new podcasting site, to run in conjunction with my blog site. I intend on running two different ones and will see how they both go, fingers crossed all will be fine and they will be popular, but if they bomb then I will stick to the blogging :)

The Serial Mistress podcast will be a similar site to this one. It will be my musings about being a mistress, my opinions about relationships and of course snippets of my radio programmes. Some of the past shows will be the first items published, and I will see how they work. No doubt things will improve the more 'practised' I get at it, but we all know I wasn't brilliant at everything when I first started! lol :)

I will then start the Erotic Mistress podcast (when I am happy with the hosts) and read aloud my erotic postings. I'm not sure how many people will want to hear erotica read in a broad northern accent :) Maybe you can decide :)

Anyway, watch this space, there will be podcasting, blogging and tweeting being produced for anyone who may well be interested :) I hope you all will xxx

My new podcast will be called 'Serial Mistress Discusses...' If you think of any better names for it I'd love to hear from you xxx

The Independent on Saturday...

Apparently I am in the Independent on Saturday (25th July 2009), with a brief mention in an article about people who discuss intimate parts of their lives with many followers and fans in the form of a blog.

Its a nice piece, but only 200 words, so I won't get much chance to offend anyone with my views or behaviour (yes there's bound to be someone!!) :)

Heidi, the journalist, has interviewed several people for the piece, and it gives a balanced and positive view to the art, or pleasure, of blogging.

My blog address will be printed in the national press, so I will make sure I get my bum into gear and blog more, its about time I did anyway :)

Hope you enjoy the article, and I will be blogging the interview in its entirety on Sunday xx

TalkSport Show.....

I'm on Adrian Goldbergs show again tomorrow night/Friday morning.

Normally I would put the link on after a radio show, to listen in to my mumblings :) But with TalkSport they have the 'Listen Live' facility, if anyone wants to join in with the show, call in, leave emails or comments :) I'd love my followers to listen in and join in with our very broadminded chat about sex and relationships :)

I will be on at 3am UK time Friday 24th. Come and join in the fun :)