Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Independent on Saturday...

Apparently I am in the Independent on Saturday (25th July 2009), with a brief mention in an article about people who discuss intimate parts of their lives with many followers and fans in the form of a blog.

Its a nice piece, but only 200 words, so I won't get much chance to offend anyone with my views or behaviour (yes there's bound to be someone!!) :)

Heidi, the journalist, has interviewed several people for the piece, and it gives a balanced and positive view to the art, or pleasure, of blogging.

My blog address will be printed in the national press, so I will make sure I get my bum into gear and blog more, its about time I did anyway :)

Hope you enjoy the article, and I will be blogging the interview in its entirety on Sunday xx


  1. I tried to find the article but couldnt have you a link.

  2. Ooops thats my fault hun, sorry, its in this Saturday 25th. I thought I'd put the date on the blog post - will do that now :)

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)