Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Gosh, I'm quite surprised.  I didn't get as many hateful comments as I expected on the Daily Mirror site, and none at all on The People article.  Could it be that I'm actually making people realise I'm not the evil witch they think I am?  Or have they figured that I will justify what I do in any argument or discussion I have?

Yet again, I have been criticised purely for what I look like, rather than what I do.  It's hilarious how shallow some people can be, and quite sad that they would accept what I do if I looked like Cheryl Cole!  Ah well, it will never change, but neither will I :)  I'm not planning on pushing a lettuce leaf around a plate just to be accepted by the small minded anonymous few who wish to comment on my life.  I have loved me, and my looks, since before Gok started championing the idea.  Many would probably tell me to look in the mirror and 'get over myself' - as one email advised - but surely confidence and self-esteem are far more attractive than a size 10 with body image issues - because skinny women have those too :)

The positive comments have far outweighed the negative comments I have received.  I have had numerous emails supporting me, many more asking me out, and apparently I'm now famous in Turkey and Taiwan :)   The first time I hit the press I became a star in India, but according to Facebook I am now the hottest thing in Europe and the Far East.  Some of the mails and friend requests I have received have been hilarious and I will post the best here soon, but it's nice to know, I may not be what the British public deem 'beautiful' but it seems I am stunning in Turkey! :)  It must be the blonde hair and the child bearing hips lol

Anyway, I wanted to say a big thank you to all my followers and friends who have supported me, and a big 'Whatever!!' to those who criticised me.  It won't stop me doing what I do, I simply love it too much :)

Writer's Block....

I've got writer's block.  There I've said it.  I can't put anything I want to say into words.  I have to though.  I have people waiting for me to produce something witty and interesting, but so far - nothing.

I was advised a while ago, by a dubious literary agent, that I should save my best writing for the book, but that has meant my blog has suffered, badly.  But now I've started writing for my blog again I just can't say what I want!  It's driving me mad!!

I used to write for fun and didn't care if anyone liked it or not.  I didn't mind if my followers found my writing immature or incompetent.  But now my writing has to step up, a considerable amount.  With offers and potential offers in the pipeline, now is the time to get serious.

I am my own worst enemy.  I am incredibly self-critical and I dissect everything I ever produce, finding fault at every point.  I've done that most of my life with practically everything I have ever produced, but it made me strive harder to be the best I could be.  Lately I've criticised my writing even more, because it's under such scrutiny, far more than when I started my blog.  But I've decided to just write as I speak, and speak as I find.  I won't ever produce a literary classic, but I didn't enter the world of the serial mistress to do that.

After recently reading the Fifty Shades trilogy (while the whole world went crazy for it, and it became an instant best-seller) I have realised that what you write about is far more important than how you write it.  A word of advice, the first Fifty Shades book is badly written, but it should act as a filter for those who want good grammar and wish to avoid repetitive drivel - the second and third should be avoided at all costs.  Especially if biting lips and breath catching grates on your patience after one chapter.

So, if Ms James can write three best-sellers, and become a millionaire overnight, I can sure as hell write one, a few columns, and a blog.  Maybe now the summer is here I will work better in the garden, rather than being distracted by the ironing pile, or the washing up, in my house.