Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Gosh, I'm quite surprised.  I didn't get as many hateful comments as I expected on the Daily Mirror site, and none at all on The People article.  Could it be that I'm actually making people realise I'm not the evil witch they think I am?  Or have they figured that I will justify what I do in any argument or discussion I have?

Yet again, I have been criticised purely for what I look like, rather than what I do.  It's hilarious how shallow some people can be, and quite sad that they would accept what I do if I looked like Cheryl Cole!  Ah well, it will never change, but neither will I :)  I'm not planning on pushing a lettuce leaf around a plate just to be accepted by the small minded anonymous few who wish to comment on my life.  I have loved me, and my looks, since before Gok started championing the idea.  Many would probably tell me to look in the mirror and 'get over myself' - as one email advised - but surely confidence and self-esteem are far more attractive than a size 10 with body image issues - because skinny women have those too :)

The positive comments have far outweighed the negative comments I have received.  I have had numerous emails supporting me, many more asking me out, and apparently I'm now famous in Turkey and Taiwan :)   The first time I hit the press I became a star in India, but according to Facebook I am now the hottest thing in Europe and the Far East.  Some of the mails and friend requests I have received have been hilarious and I will post the best here soon, but it's nice to know, I may not be what the British public deem 'beautiful' but it seems I am stunning in Turkey! :)  It must be the blonde hair and the child bearing hips lol

Anyway, I wanted to say a big thank you to all my followers and friends who have supported me, and a big 'Whatever!!' to those who criticised me.  It won't stop me doing what I do, I simply love it too much :)

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