Friday, 21 August 2009

TalkSport and Adrian...

Thanks again to all the listeners for making my TalkSport 'spot' this morning so successful and fun. I deal with some very serious issues, and some light hearted ones too, but I enjoy the opportunity to help when I can. I thought my 'lifestyle choice' had been left behind, so I could get on with chatting to those who need to talk, clearly not, but thanks to Mick for bringing it up, and hopefully he doesn't now think of me as the 'slapper' he originally considered I was. He commented that I sounded intelligent, and why would I be choosing to do what I do if I was, but maybe my intelligence is why I've made my choice, because I can live my life for me, exactly how I love it, and surrounded by the people I choose to be with. I am more than happy clarifying my situation again and again to those who don't understand what I do and why, but I can't hide my love of my life, and I refuse to change for anyone.

I am criticised daily for dating married men, but I still do it. I discussed this with Adrian a while ago, and he said if he took notice of the listeners who hate his opinions, and the extreme criticism of his show, then he'd never get out of bed to broadcast anything. But I think the country is a better place for it, and he creates debate, exciting, intelligent, interesting debate, about a huge array of subjects. Anything that creates debate and passion should be welcomed and what a dull place the world would be if we all agreed with each other, and lived our lives exactly the same. Variety of opinion and lifestyle choices are what makes it all interesting. We will never agree with everyone but isn't it fun listening to other people get passionate about something they believe in, and hearing Adrian expertly stir it up.

If I manage to stir up some debate then I'll be happy, if the subject matter gets an airing then I'll be happy, and if some people actually change their opinion about the stereotypical 'Mistress' and realise she's not a home-wrecking slapper then I'll be happy!

Anyway, if any new followers or visitors are wanting to email me please feel free, I will try to help with any of your issues and I will always listen to your comments, especially if you had emailed the show but didn't manage to get a mention, and I will always smile at your funnies and compliments :)

Don't forget to check out my agony spot too, and there may well be some dilemmas that you can relate to, or might even be sharing at the moment.

Welcome to new visitors, and I hope my blog/s help you, entertain you, or make you smile.

Thanks for listening xx