Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I'm writing.......

Finally I can sit and do some work tonight :) Tonights work is going to involve finding out more about what constitutes a bad date? Is it something as trivial as simply no attraction, or a date eating with their mouth open? or can it be something hideous, like watching said date lick their plate in a restaurant, or strop off if a suggested 'grope' is turned down?

I've had some corkers in my time, and I always assumed it was just me, but apparently not. In the process of writing the book I've chatted to friends, family and strangers, about their hideous dating experiences. It has been hilarious, and very depressing in some cases, to hear that I don't have the monopoly on the 'bad date'.

From the man who sent me a photograph of his much younger and much better looking brother, to the man who forced his way into my house, my dates have been 'interesting' to say the least. I've walked away laughing, and I've run away screaming (literally) but they have all made me think that the men in this world have been taught nothing by their mothers!! :) Is it just men who make for a bad date? Or are the women in this world making the same mistakes? I'd be interested to hear your views, and hear of your bad experiences. If you want to keep it to yourself I completely understand, and my email address is available on my profile.

I really do need to get some work done now but I've not been out with a lovely man for a few days (been too busy) and I'm starting to distract myself with thoughts of a lovely dinner and an even better snog, amongst other things :)

Bad day at the office.....

The short fat bald one appeared :( And can't fix my 'problem' until later in the week! I guess I'll have to be visiting friends, towel in hand, for the next couple of days!

How incredibly frustrating, and not even some eye candy to help the medicine go down! lol.

So, I'm grumpy now, and need cheering up :) Any suggestions?

British Workmen......

Unfortunately I'm stuck in the house, with the age old problem of 'waiting for a workman to turn up'. We've all been there, we've all wasted hours of our lives doing it, but hey, these things are sent to try us, and it means I can work on my blog ;)

Anyway, this isn't a moan about British workmen, its actually about the attractiveness of certain jobs. My plumber, who I'm hoping will be coming today, and not sending his short fat bald assistant :) is stunning. He could easily be a model and has a body to die for, but obviously, because he's here to do a job I couldn't possibly cross that line, but it doesn't stop me dressing well and making sure my hair is nice lol. But how many of us would cross that line?

Are there particular jobs that are more attractive, as opposed to the person? I know girls appreciate a nice fireman, policeman, or professional man in suit, but what do guys like? Is it the predictable nurse, policewoman and headmistress or is that actually just a roleplay fantasy? Are there any jobs that turn you on, regardless of what she looks like? I must be a strange one though, because as much as the above works for me I'm also very partial to radio presenters (its the voice), writers and artists (its the creativity), builders (its the muscles) and, sorry to admit it, RAF or Army guys (its the uniform and the hero status). Thats quite dangerous to own up to, considering I live spitting distance from RAF Leeming and Catterick Garrison. Shopping in Tescos has taken on a whole new meaning :)

I will try to keep my hands to myself when my plumber arrives, even if he does spend an hour bent over fixing my pipes! :) But I'd be interested to know who has ever crossed that line, or what turns you on about a job.

Hope everyone is having a great day, it seems mine will be quite a nice one :)