Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Bad day at the office.....

The short fat bald one appeared :( And can't fix my 'problem' until later in the week! I guess I'll have to be visiting friends, towel in hand, for the next couple of days!

How incredibly frustrating, and not even some eye candy to help the medicine go down! lol.

So, I'm grumpy now, and need cheering up :) Any suggestions?


  1. Hi Karen

    I've been know to fiddle with a few pipes in my time plus other household & car DIY - possibly a real handyman to have about but that would be for you to decide!!

    Thereafter it would be funtimes - of course!

    Eye candy thrown in for good measure!

    I'll raid the shops on the way down for some appropriate aperitifs lol

    Can I book you in??