Friday, 12 June 2009


Just finished an hour on Adrian Goldberg's show, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I'm broadminded, I know I'm open and honest, and I know I'm fairly unique when it comes to matters of the heart and further down, but I genuinely wasn't sure I would be able to handle random callers and text comments. I thought I would be judged for being the 'Serial Mistress' so hated by the callers last time, and I thought I would have something thrown at me that I wouldn't be able to handle and I would completely die on the air. Admittedly with Adrian around that would probably not happen but I didn't want him having to carry a guest. He's good but he shouldn't be doing my part too :)

Its only when you're faced with the things that scare you, and come out of it unscathed, that you realise you're more than capable of handling anything. It gives you a satisfying glow knowing that you can take on your critics and any curve ball that comes along.

The show went very well, and maybe there will be a bizarre, dirty, but entertaining regular spot to play with. I can imagine it would work well.

Anyway, its a shame its in the middle of the night and all my Twitter followers missed it, but I think they all know what I'm like so they can 'imagine' how the show panned out.

Now I really must hit the sack, and I promise over the weekend I will be blogging more, I have so many in draft, sitting waiting to go, but haven't had the chance to post them. So for all my fans and followers, I will be blogging at the weekend, and fingers crossed you will be just as pleased as you usually are with my odd mutterings lol.