Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sorry folks.......

OK. I'm back. The 7 dates were finished a few weeks ago, and I had written about them, but couldn't blog them. The 30 dates were planned and organised and then out of nowhere I got sick, ended up in hospital and was told to take it easy. Obviously, dating 30 men in 30 days is not exactly 'taking it easy' :) So, on the docs recommendation - and yes, he did know what I was doing, if he hadn't been gay he might have been roped in for a date :) - I promised to take it easy and now I am back to full fitness, as well as can be expected anyway, and I'm starting my 30 dates next week :)

So, please accept my apologies for not blogging lately, for not explaining what happened, and for making you all wait for the next exciting instalment of my crazy life :) I hope my blog posts over the next few weeks are interesting, exciting, funny and 'readable'. Thanks for sticking with me xxx