Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Wrong or right Mistress?

It seems most people following me on Twitter assume I'm a 'Mistress' with a capital M and a whip in hand.  I have to say, I've dabbled a little in the past, but that is not really what the serial mistress is all about.  Yes its about being open and adventurous sexually, but it certainly doesn't mean I'm standing on a set of balls in my stilettos or pushing knitting needles into parts while a man cleans my windows in a maids outfit.

However, I'm always one to please the masses - if they want to read these things - so I'll be posting some very interesting articles over the next few weeks about BDSM and 'Mistresses'.  I hope these are fascinating, and I hope you enjoy them, if not, simply comment and let me know, but any posts about sex are interesting - aren't they? :)