Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Female First....

The Diary of a Mistress is going really well on the Female First website.  It is also on the Malextra site, so guys can read the female perspective on infidelity - and how we think after dates, good and bad.  I'm enjoying writing for them, however, my blog is suffering, but don't worry, there will be more appearing here soon :)  Watch this space...

You can catch my latest Female First part here:

I can't quite believe it is up to Part 8 already :)  

Yay!!! :) 

Hope you're enjoying reading it xx


To whoever left the anonymous comment regarding a photograph, how am I supposed to respond if you are doing it under the cover of anonymity?  My email address is available on this site.  I suggest you contact me directly to discuss the matter further.  Wouldn't that be the most sensible approach?  I will leave the choice up to you!

Thank you.