Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Man Facts .....

More interesting but true facts about my favourite subject...

  • 1/3 of men have never had a romantic breakfast with their girlfriend
  • One fifth of men have had a steamy Skype session
  • 70% of men have watched porn online. I think the others are lying
  • 27% of men would sleep with someone 'repulsive' for £1m
  • 96% of men wouldn't send flowers to their partner's work
  • 18% of men go on a diet because of a new partner
  • Men think a loose bun is the best hairstyle for a first date
  • 11% of men admit to flirting at work
  • Men spend an average of £235 a year on looking good
  • 42% of men say they're single because they are shy
  • 57% of men would prefer a month without sex than a month without their mobile
  • 28% of men don't know girls pluck their chin hairs
  • 27% of men would date a married woman
  • 50% of holiday romances last less than a week
  • 33% of men say they feel depressed on 'fat days'
  • 1/4 men wee in the shower
  • 79% of men think it's most likely they'll meet their next girlfriend at work
  • 16% of men have pretended a ready meal was something they'd cooked to impress a date
  • 15% of men have left an extra-large tip because they fancied the waitress
  • 9% of men don't know the main ingredient of cheese
  • 10% of men are terrified of spiders
  • 10% of men say they're less attracted to women who can't cook
  • Only 35% of men wear clean pants everyday!
  • 10% of men have a teddy bear that they hide when a girl stays over
  • 62% of men are baffled by flat pack furniture
  • 22% of men have a bank account they don't tell their partner about
  • Men are prepared to spend an average of £55.47 on a first date
  • Larger men last longer in bed than skinny men
  • 7% of men have used their partner's toothbrush

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