Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Female First....

The Diary of a Mistress is going really well on the Female First website.  It is also on the Malextra site, so guys can read the female perspective on infidelity - and how we think after dates, good and bad.  I'm enjoying writing for them, however, my blog is suffering, but don't worry, there will be more appearing here soon :)  Watch this space...

You can catch my latest Female First part here:

I can't quite believe it is up to Part 8 already :)  

Yay!!! :) 

Hope you're enjoying reading it xx


To whoever left the anonymous comment regarding a photograph, how am I supposed to respond if you are doing it under the cover of anonymity?  My email address is available on this site.  I suggest you contact me directly to discuss the matter further.  Wouldn't that be the most sensible approach?  I will leave the choice up to you!

Thank you.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mike Parr....

Yet again, the Jools Oliver subject rumbles on.  I was on the Mike Parr show this morning, on BBC Tees.  This is the link if you want to listen in.  The whole interview starts at 45mins.  A very interesting piece, with Rosie from IE, a woman whose husband cheated, me and then the lovely Denise Robertson - always fun!!  It goes on till about 1hr 20.  Well worth a listen.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jools Oliver...

Jools Oliver has hit the press today because she has freely admitted to checking husband Jamie's phone, email and Twitter account to make sure he's not cheating.  Fair play to her, she was open about it, and he clearly knows she does it, but is it a huge invasion of privacy, or something anyone in a serious relationship should be happy to allow?

BBC Three Counties radio were doing a piece about it on their Drive show with Roberto Perrone this evening.  They wanted the opinion of a Serial Mistress, so here I am.  I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter too :)

Available for the next 7 days

And I'm on from 2hr 20 mins

Sunday, 8 July 2012

20 things you never knew about orgasms...

Some interesting facts about orgasms:-
  1. Ever wondered what your partners' orgasm feels like? Researchers have found that men's and women's descriptions of hitting bliss are in fact very similar.
  2. The average guy takes between two and 10 minutes to hit nirvana, whereas women take over 20 minutes.
  3. But on the other hand, a man's orgasm tends to be shorter than a woman's, which will last between three and 15 seconds.
  4. The word 'orgasm' comes from the Greek orgasmos, 'to swell as with moisture, be excited or eager'.
  5. Women lucky enough to experience female ejaculation usually expel less than 1 teaspoon of pale, sweet tasting fluid when they climax.
  6. No matter what his shape and size down below, the likelihood of hitting the jackpot in bed doesn't change.
  7. Usually, a woman's orgasm produces ripples of pleasure towards her stomach, which is thought to help draw sperm towards her eggs. But during her period, the contractions travel in the opposite direction.
  8. The older we get, the shorter our orgasm will last, which is a great excuse to get cracking now.
  9. It might not always seem that way, but a man's bits get super-sensitive after he hits his bliss point, just like women's do.
  10. Ever wondered why we can't help pulling faces when we reach the big O? It's because the parts of our brain that control pain and orgasms overlap...
  11. .... but the plus side to looking like we've just stubbed our toe is that we're half as sensitive to pain when preoccupied.
  12. It's possible to climax while we sleep, but if we wake up feeling horny it doesn't mean we've been practising an unusual form of sleep-walking - night-time pleasure is created in the brain, rather than by physical stimulation.
  13. An orgasm burns just two or three calories (that equals one measly M & M). The good news is we burn around 50 getting there - enough for a whole handful.
  14. It's official: orgasms are good for our health. Benefits include boosting our longevity and immune system, and cutting the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  15. Although its rare, some men have found their orgasm so overwhelming, they've died on the job. And it's more likely if they're in the act of cheating on their partner.
  16. One in three men aged 18 - 59 suffers from premature ejaculation. And that makes for a lot of frustrated women.
  17. The G in G-spot is short for Grafenberg, the researcher who first wrote about it in 1950. Other spots to look out for include the A-spot (located on the vaginal wall, just past the G-spot) and the U-spot (either side of the urethra).
  18. Women might be great at faking it, but when the Big O is real, there are usually some tell-tale signs - the heart rate and breathing increase, the pupils dilate, the vaginal muscles spasm and the skin flushes.
  19. Although a man's orgasm feels very similar to a woman's, ours come in waves of pleasure, whereas men feel theirs as a single, blissful peak.
  20. The more times a man gets his rocks off in a lifetime, the lower his chances are of getting prostate cancer. So what are we waiting for?