Monday, 16 February 2009

And so it has begun......

This blog is purely for my own entertainment. If it creates debate, or causes a fuss then I'll be happy, because I think its about time the world heard from the other side :)


I was brave enough to come forward, to stand up and admit 'I am Karen, and I'm a serial mistress'.

I wasn't sure of the reception, how I would be viewed, or the backlash, but now its done I suppose I should breathe a sigh of relief and take the consequences on the chin :)

For all of those people who missed it :-

And now the judgement begins :)


  1. Theres a great article on metro recently which puts all these illicit dating sites in perspective. Illicit dating who are the real cheats ?

  2. Who is to blame for an affair? All of the above. If all of a man's needs are being cared for at home, he won't feel a need to stray. If other women were not available, he couldn't. In the end, though, a man makes a conscious decision to embark on an affair, and so he has to live by that decision. I am not proud of having affairs, and from time to time I have made enormous efforts not to. But in the end, if I go on a website, contact someone, meet them and have an affair with them, the truth is there were many places on the journey I could have got off the bus. So the blame is mine. Nice pics, by the way.

  3. Thanks for the link S, much appreciated, very interesting article.

    And Kevin, you're right, all of the above indeed! Don't take all the blame yourself, it takes three to tango :)

    And thanks for the compliment :) Its nice to have something gorgeous to look at while I'm posting :)

  4. Hi Karen - saw your piece on "the sofa".
    I work for a national radio station and am working on a piece about mistresses. Would you be interested in taking part?
    If yes- contact me at

  5. Goodness Karen - another offer! You'll be in 'Heaven' - such a popular girlie!

    I love your erotic pictures - I'm sure you have some great ones in your collection - maybe a few naughty ones in your house! That's naughty pictures as opposed to naughty boys - I'm sure you've had a couple of nice 'house calls', maybe a naughty doctor meeting his patient.....great role play idea. I'm sure you already have plenty of naughty idea's yourself.