Friday, 27 February 2009

Friday night in ..........

I sometimes wonder if this 'Illicit' life is for me, when I'm in on Friday night cos all the men are playing happy families, but I thought I'd share my Friday night with you. I got in from work, and some skiving and shopping, buying new underwear which is just gorgeous :) I had a long soak in the bath with a beautiful glass of Rioja, and read more of my book, and not once did anyone bang on the door screaming 'Hurry up, I need a shite' :) I spent half an hour rubbing the most gorgeous cream into myself, with no need to explain to anyone why it was taking so long and why I had to do it. I painted my nails, gave myself a pedicure, exfoliated and conditioned my hair to death, and no one saw me doing my secret single behaviour :)

I had pate and toast cos I just couldn't be bothered to cook and finished the bottle of wine * note to self, must buy that again. Watched TV, and not once did the channel change without my knowledge. I haven't suffered Sky Sports News or had to discuss tomorrows fixtures :)

I know you're probably all nodding off by now, and thinking how mundane it all is, but I've just had an evening that was all about me, and am more relaxed than I have been all week. Its been delightful not having to explain to anyone why I'm being lazy, drinking wine and eating crap for my tea :)

Maybe this 'Illicit' life does suit me after all :)


  1. I was amused by the bizarre comments you received following your appearance on TV (which I didn't see). It seems to me that many people - men and women - feel badly threatened by intelligent, articulate good-looking women, and have to respond by pouring out their venom, usually anonymously. That student on University Challenge suffered from it, you're suffering from it, female vicars suffer from it, and I am aware that it happens everywhere, whenever women are seen to be doing stuff that traditionally they "shouldn't". This is meant to be the 21st Century, for god's sake, what stones have these people crawled out from under? Ignore the bastards, I say, and keep going!

  2. Your quiet Friday is testimony to the benefits of a single life.
    So many people only see value in their life through the interaction they have with others - too few of us are comfortable alone.

    Friday nights out are over-rated anyway.

    My own take on the vituperative comments that followed your tv appearance is that the masses are conditioned to turn upon those of us who dare to step outwith 'normal' activity. Especially those who are strong enough to be open about it.