Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Another one bites the dust......

I suppose its a side effect of being a serial mistress, and dating more than one guy, that eventually one or two will fall by the wayside and quickly be replaced. Is it natural selection, survival of the fittest, or stupidity on their part? lol. Another one has recently bitten the dust, surprisingly (or not, however you view my recent 'activities') because of the media attention. He assumed (but was never told) that he was the only one. He goes home to his wife every night, and has another girlfriend he sees occasionally, but was 'beside himself' when he realised I had more than one suitor. He felt seeing me once a fortnight was enough for any girl (ahhh the delusions of a man with an over inflated ego lol), and thought I couldn't possibly need any other attention because three text messages and one call a day sufficed! :) Anyway, the dummy has been tossed from the pram, along with the teddy and a small ball, which is still bouncing around my living room :) No doubt the apologies and remorse will surface in a few days but oh my, too late, he has been replaced :)

My god it makes me sound like such a bitch, but I don't understand why men, who are cheating with one or more lover, feel its acceptable to be possessive, needy and clingy. We are all on that site for a reason, and we all understand the situation, surely, but as time passes it never ceases to amaze me how men behave and how, in no matter what situation, they think its all about him :)

This isn't a dig at him, he had his preferences, just as I have mine, and this isn't a 'man hating torrent', its simply my thoughts about the fact that unfaithful men like to make demands on their lovers as well as their wives. When did that start? Or is it just the men I am choosing? :) No doubt this will be an ongoing 'issue' with me, and more will follow, just as, occasionally, another will fall by the wayside.

I love being single :)


  1. Hi Karen

    Came accross this blog by accident - a very interesting insite into being a mistress. As with most things in life, we never really look beyond what we can see or maybe what we like to see! I'd never thought about all the issues of being a mistress, lets be honest we all know about all the other issues involved with this situation!

    I wish you well as always! MR

  2. Isn't it strange how so many people think sauce for the gander shouldn't be sauce for the goose! I'm not sure if I've put that correctly. Your guy was seeing you AND andother woman, but he wanted you to be exclusively his... Oh well, you're better off without him.