Thursday, 19 March 2009

George Michael.........

No, don't worry, this post isn't specifically about George Michael, I'm not some strange obsessed fan :)

Following my interesting encounter yesterday, not exactly the 'normal' date that I am used to, I began to wonder if I need (or others on here and the IE site need) George Michael sex to make me tingle.

Let me explain. I am sure most married/attached people get incredibly bored with mundane, missionary position sex. Admittedly it gets that way over time with a partner, and most relationships end up boring in the bedroom, but what is my excuse for needing something more 'exciting, risque or kinky'? George Michael has admitted that normal sex doesn't turn him on anymore. He needs to do things in strange places, or with strangers, to be aroused sufficiently to get the 'buzz'. I realised that I don't really like normal anymore, but I'm not in a long relationship where the sex could possibly have got boring. After my latest encounter I was not only turned on by the man but equally what we did, and the promise of doing more things that would be against the norm.

Have I crossed the George Michael line? It makes me wonder if I can go back to normal or if I will always be on the hunt for riskier and kinkier activities, and if that is the case it scares me to wonder where it would end. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure normal sex would be wonderful, but would I ever get that heart racing, chest thumping, head buzzing thrill that pure adrenalin fuelled risky sex brings? I doubt it.

I think I may well be on a slippery slope with banana skin shoes on :)


  1. I'm pretty sure that a skilled lover could generate that feeling whatever the circumstances.
    DO you know any?

  2. What was your interesting encounter yesterday? Please tell us more...

  3. Sounds like you'll have to enlighten us? Roleplay, sex on cam, or was it an experience along the lines of what George Michael likes?????

  4. Oh I couldn't possibly tell, I'm a good girl :)

    Maybe I should start another blog for that :)

  5. Now, let's replay that... You have just said you were a good girl, but, excuse me, the only reason I follow your blog is because you most unashamedly are not!

  6. Of course I'm not but you don't want to follow an obvious woman who lies blatantly on the bed screaming 'come and get me' do you? You'd much rather virtually undress me slowly and find fabulous underwear underneath, stockings, lace, satin, silk, and maybe even more fabulous surprises :) Obvious is never as attractive as mysterious. And a good girl being bad is much more interesting than a bad girl being obvious :)

  7. She's so bad ! But it's all true!
    Attractive qualities.

  8. As humans we always need more, that's what makes us survive, and might destroy us, but that's another discussion.
    What I mean is what used to shock people say 40 years ago, women baring their legs for example, is seen very much as common place.
    What shocks us today does not shock us again tomorrow. So as a race we are always looking for that 'buzz'.
    I hope that makes sense!! ;)