Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lost innocence .......

I'm not sure if its a shame or a blessing that my innocent view on life has deserted me. Admittedly it did so many moons ago, but it made me smile the past couple of days. Not sure why recently, I suppose it does it often, but yesterday I saw a man parked at the side of the road, innocently no doubt, on the phone. Out in the middle of nowhere, well off the road, engrossed in a call, I immediately assumed he was talking his lover! No chance that it could be business or the Mrs, it had to be his lover, that call he makes before the phone gets turned off and hidden for the night :)

Even sitting in the pub at lunchtime, having a very lovely illicit encounter of my own, I looked around and wondered how many other couples were in the same position. You could tell from the flowing conversation across tables, and very close body language, that the majority weren't married :)

But it has spread further than 'are they having an affair' curiosity. I now look at total strangers and wonder what perversions, fetishes, and activity they engage in. After dating the occasional 'odd bod' who looked more than normal, I now wonder about everyone. From the teacher who wore my underwear to work (until he bought a nice pink set of his own), to the bank manager who thought it was acceptable to relieve himself in a car outside a pub (with a butt plug firmly inserted), I now see people in a new light. I have dated an innocent, 'butter wouldn't melt' man who had a monster cock strap on hidden under their car seat, and the sensible financial advisor who liked to call me mummy! Its all very bizarre, and each to their own, I'm never one to stand in the way of a man and his fetish, but it certainly has made me view people differently :)

So, as an innocent man, on his phone, passes me in the street, is it a good thing, or bad, that I now look at him wondering if he's calling his lover, and if he's actually looking for somewhere to relieve himself, with a butt plug being held firmly in place by his pink lacy panties :)

Oh how times have changed! :0)


  1. From the male (and maybe more naive) perspective, I know that I view women differently now, to the way that I did before I began my adventures.
    That lady in the smart business suit - looks so efficient and brisk. Is she meeting her lover at lunchtimes to give him a carpark bowjob?
    The 'laura ashley' dressed yummy-mummy - all freshfaced and innocent as she waves to the children at the school gate. Is she rushing home to greet a lover who will lift that demure dress to reveal the peephole bra and crotchless knickers.
    The gym-bunny, working out with her mum as they prepare for her wedding day - I see the look she and her mother give to the personal trainer and wonder. Which of them will be tucking her knees up by her ears for them, or will it be both!

  2. It's always great to 'people watch'!

    It would seem that I haven't quite risen to your level of intrigue - just yet! It's certainly true that you can never judge a book by its cover but then again we all like a surprise - now and again!

    With regard to that 'wondering feeling' - always check the way they walk or more like swagger (unless their intoxicated!) - possible evidence of a 'plugged butt'!

    As for having a monster strap on under the car seat - he'd be alot better off with either a large torch or a tyre lever! They would certainly be alot more useful; whether to fend someone off or in an emergency - maybe I should get out more.....what I'm I missing?

    What do you think mummy?!!

  3. I love wondering how that smart suited businesswoman's face will change and what she will cry out if she is having orgasm after orgasm (preferably with me giving them to her)... It makes it difficult to concentrate on what she is saying in the meeting. Very bad, I know, but I go to too many boring meetings and my mind wanders.

    Like you, I enjoy making up stories about what that person on the phone is saying and what will happen when they meet their lover...