Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sorry for not blogging much for the past couple of days, been mid crisis with a friend but unfortunately not much can be blogged about that.

I was planning a very funny blog about going to the doctors but I've decided to hold off telling it until another day. After hearing about Jades death today, somehow an oddly humorous story about a gynaecologist visit didn't seem appropriate.

Anyway, for this particular short blog, I'm going to say to anyone who is ill at the moment, who has just lost someone or who is facing a very difficult time ahead, my thoughts are with you. It makes me realise that whatever any of us are doing on the IE site, on here or any other site, whether married, attached or single, we should take the opportunity to grab life with both hands and kiss it, in fact, do anything you want to it, because if anyones death (Jade, Natasha Richardson, Wendy Richard to name just 3 in the past couple of weeks) teaches us anything it should be 'Life is too short, and make the most of every single day, cos it might be snatched away from us at any moment'.

Find happiness wherever you can find it, either in the arms of someone who makes you tingle, or trainspotting with your anorak on, anything that makes you smile even a tiny bit, find it and keep hold of it, its better to smile your way through life.

Life is not about how long you take breath, its about moments that take your breath away.


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  1. hi - sorry to crash into your comments like this but i'm a freelancer writer researching a piece about online confession and would love to interview you (anonymously of course) about your blog. could you drop me a line to if you're interested in talking? thanks, heidi