Saturday, 4 April 2009

Crossing the line..........

Further to the 'annoying' texts in the middle of the night, and subsequent dumping in my previous blog, thankfully all went quiet. This was just what I hoped for, and, as a married man I figured he'd have the sense to let it lie there.

Sadly he didn't. Why will men never learn? Married men shouldn't cause grief for their lover, she doesn't deserve it. Married men should never cross the line of decency and good manners because she doesn't deserve it. And married men should never be hideous, inconsiderate and just plain rude because she doesn't deserve it. That 'she' being me on this occasion? He really should have learned not to mess with me! :) Intelligent, strong willed, feisty women are the LAST people a married man should mess with lol.

My god, I sound like Glenn Close, that won't do me any favours, but let me give you the background.

I got a text message this afternoon reading 'I got yr nmba off a guy in the pub who sed u may be up for a bit of sxy fun tday, are ya?'

After composing myself for a moment, appalled at the suggestion, and even more so at the 'txt spk', shaking with anger, I asked who had given him my number. It turns out it was the dumpee from two days ago. This man is married, two kids, very big house, and his wife runs a hairdressers from the barn conversion next to his home.

He took it upon himself to give a total stranger my number. Not only did he give him my number but he said I would be a 'good time'. I'm so livid I do believe I've actually gone pink, I look like I've been lying on a sunbed all day. I'm furious. I told this guy that he was being wound up, and if he liked 'hairy arsed blokes' then I'd be up for a good time in an hour. Naturally he declined the offer and said he was sorry for the text. He followed that up with a text saying 'Sorry agen fella, i'l arange 2 meet this guy nd nok fuk outa him'. Ahh how sweet! I should let him :)

As an intelligent woman, who refuses to stoop as low as this idiot, I am not one for revenge. Revenge is childish and to be honest I have more dignity than to cause any grief. However, it would take an inconsiderate, ridiculous act like his to quickly turn an unstable woman into the bunny boiling psycho we all aim to avoid.

I didn't, however, roll over and accept his unforgivable behaviour. You'll be pleased to know I called him (on a weekend!!! oh my goodness, what was I thinking?). He was in the middle of mowing the lawn when he answered, the wife literally 10 ft away pulling up weeds. I told him to listen to me, not to hang up or I would just keep calling at 'unfortunate' times. Bless him, he did as he was told. I calmly, with a couple of very unladylike expletives, told him never to contact me again, to delete my number, and to never, NEVER give my number to a total stranger again. I reminded him how outrageous actions like that were, and that he had far more to lose than I did. My parting shot was a 'suggestion' that if I heard anything from him again I would need to be travelling to his town for a hair cut!!!!! :) I said it could be anytime I chose, and when he least expected it. The silence was deafening, and I smiled to myself :)

I would never, ever dream of disturbing his wedded bliss, I have better things to do with my time. I have never, and would never, get involved in any part of a mans marriage, idiots like him would do enough damage eventually, without my help. Men who are married need to be sensible, firstly about hiding their behaviour, but secondly about limiting the chances of damage by choosing the right woman. Obviously some relationships don't work out, especially if the man is going to be thoughtless, but I can't imagine what he was thinking when he was handing out my number. I do think 'suggestion' can be more terrifying than actual revenge, because now he's going to wondering if and when I might/may/possibly turn up at his wifes salon for a new 'do' and a chat :)

WE all know I never will, but HE doesn't!

I know I've probably been outrageous by suggesting it but quite frankly a man like that should be given a little shake, and hopefully I've prevented him from giving out numbers in the pub in future, saving the next woman in his life from the ridiculous texts at 4 in the morning and total strangers asking for a 'gud time'!! :)


  1. Awesome story.If I become mistress a second time, then I have a mentor (you) on how to handle things like this. I'm a first time mistress and I'm still working out the kinks, emotional frustration and all.

  2. Well anytime you're struggling with a situation please feel free to email me, my email address is on here xx

    I'd love to help, it all comes with practice and experience :)

    Good luck with it xxxxx