Thursday, 30 April 2009


I just received a really cute email from a man who is clearly trying to stand out from the crowd :) Its good that some men are finally learning that making an effort with their mails and their profiles make all the difference :)

Well done Sam, keep up the good work xxx

His email to me :)

Your eyes

Your eyes - they don't say "come to bed",
They, if you'll beg my pardon,
Say, "Get your kit off straight away,
We'll do it in the garden!"

His profile :)

Ideal Partner:

Anyone in a similar situation to me who can read the following rubbish without being totally put off! Honest, open-minded and discreet are the adjectives that spring to mind.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
I find myself on-line,
To find someone, (perhaps it's you?),
With whom to spend some time.

Now here's the bit we all dislike,
I must sell me to you,
I'm tall, dark, handsome, have a plane,
A Porsche and six pack too!

Anyone so full of --it,
Should be left on the shelf,
The quality I most admire,
Is laughing at one's self.

I'm six foot one and slim and fit,
My hair is going grey,
And going thin on top hints at,
Virility - they say!

I'm happy with the way I am,
No major imperfections,
No time spent moisturising or,
On pointless introspection.

But, if true beauty lies within,
The eye of the beholder,
Then, quick! Let's swap some photographs,
Before we get much older!

I don't mind showing mine to you
If you'll show yours to me,
But if you don't like what you see,
Please, let me down gently!

(Terrible, isn't it? Keep going if you can bear it)
I love to read and walk the dog
There's loads of stuff I like,
But two things I can't do without,
And one's my motorbike.

The other you will have to guess,
I don't get much these days,
But there's no rush, I'll be polite,
And let you set the pace.

So if, like me, you want no lies,
No hang-ups, no possession,
And No means no, you want respect,
And absolute discretion;

If you're still wary of this way,
To find a secret lover,
Please get in touch, who knows, we could,
Be good for one another.

I can't believe you've read this far -
You might have strained your eyes.
But can you finish off this verse?
The best one gets a prize!

I love my kids and family life,
Don't want to be an ex,
I sometimes get my tea in bed,

This was supposed to be informative and fun but, in the end I'm afraid it probably sounds tacky or, worse still, bloody irritating - like those awful Rupert Bear stories in rhyming couplets.Let me know what you think. If nobody likes it, I'll write something boring!

And, if you choose to drop a line,
I swear I won't reply in rhyme

But if you want, then just for you -
I'll even write a verse or two

You have been warned!


Fab profile :)
Thank you Sam xxxxx


  1. if only more men put in this amount of effort life would be much better

  2. It was me... Worked out well in the end...