Wednesday, 1 April 2009


What a day I had. Doubt I could ever get used to this, and all the celebrities in this world are welcome to it! :)

I have to admit the photographer was fantastic, very easy to work with, and who knows what the pics will come out like. The makeup artist was nuts, and that adds to the experience. Four hours for outfit changes, make up, fannying with hair and several photos, and by the end of it I was exhausted. They are working on Kerry Katona today, so fingers crossed I was easier to work with :)

I still have to pinch myself that any of this is happening to me, but although I'm leaving myself wide open (so to speak) for criticism, I'm figuring that all publicity is good publicity, and if I bring this subject to the fore then I will be happy, and like I've said before, creating debate (hopefully not masturbate) is only a good thing. If I am Marmite, either loved or hated, then so be it. Marmite seems to be doing well from it :)

I'm blogging later, with a few things that came up over the past couple of days and I'm looking forward to sharing with you, but for now I need to enjoy my breakfast, in the sun and wish you all a lovely day.



  1. Fun for a day, and by appointment I'd guess.

  2. Sorry, that wasn't very well expressed.

    I was trying to say that the process of being made up and dressed and photgraphed would be fun, 'for a day, and by appointment'.

    What can't be any fun is having the photographers lying in wait for you whenever you leave the house - would you want to be Ashley Cole for instance?

  3. Cool experience, the next blogs should be interesting :)

    Not quite sure where Georgeous is coming from, since you basically say that celebs can keep the lifestyle!! Personally I'd have a go at being Ashley Cole, couldn't be a bigger arse than he is now!