Monday, 13 April 2009


I've had a fantastic few weeks, meeting a couple of new people who are just amazing and will be friends for a very long time, catching up with a couple of guys I used to know but lost touch, and the press and blog have brought them back into my life, feeling much better about other things that have been going on in my life, and getting more work done than I anticipated, which is always a bonus.

This lifestyle wouldn't suit everyone, and a few friends have questioned my strength and motive for living this way, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself at the moment, can honestly say I am happy and I love everything about my life right now. I look around me and see the death and destruction of relationships, the sadness of break ups, the heartache of boredom and disappointment that this is 'how its going to be', the defeat in the faces of those I love when they realise their lives are as good as they will ever get, friends aging and trying desperately to hold onto their looks, fear of being alone, and those looking for something more, hunting, risking everything, for that thrill, the thrill that will make them, once again, feel alive.

It saddens me that the way of the world right now is breeding this discontent, finances are in a dire state, the need for material goods is overtaking lifes simple pleasures, people are less tolerant of others faults, it is easy to find a temporary way out from the misery, but almost impossible to escape permanently, with people trapped in their situations, no way out. That's when I realise that my life is actually an attractive alternative, although most couldn't imagine living that way, I am sure many would love to give it a chance, to swap what they have, even for a few hours.

So if anyone ever reads my blog and decides to judge or criticise, I hope you will look at how truly happy you are now, right now this minute, and if you can honestly condemn me for my lifestyle if your own isn't that rosy? We are here for a very short time, shouldn't we find happiness any way we can, even if its not 'conventional'?

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