Thursday, 2 April 2009


I know, as a mistress, I have to abide by certain rules, rules laid down in stone by the married man. Don't call me after 5. Don't text me at the weekend. Don't make any marks on me. Don't contact me till I contact you. Don't wear perfume when I see you. Don't expect me to be around for evenings if I have said daytime only. Don't leave any blonde hairs in my car when you get out of it. Don't get lipstick on my suit. Don't expect too much from me - I'm married, and many more. Those are all rules I'm more than happy to abide by, after all I'm a mistress and I know the rules, backwards!

I understand a married man has a lot to lose, and the mistress has to know her place in his life, and not be reckless enough to cause him any stress or hassle. If he is her only lover then he knows he can make rules that she will happily work with, but what is the situation when his mistress is conducting more than one affair?

Why am I now mentioning this? As a mistress I must be used to the rules. You're right, I am, and I am more than happy to abide by his rules, but when does a married man abide by mine. Whats the old phrase - whats good for the goose is good for the gander?

I'm exhausted today because I received a very explicit, suggestive text message at 4.15 this morning. I ignored it. I got another even more explicit text message at 4.18. I ignored it. I was in a deep sleep at the time and, although I'd picked the phone up, I had just dropped it back down again. At 4.25, just as I'm nodding off again my mobile rings. I reject the call, roll over and go back to sleep. Its 4.35 in the morning, I'm dead to the world, starting to get a little bit annoyed but thinking it will have stopped now, after all he's married and this is very odd behaviour. At 4.40 my land line rings, I pick it up and hear him immediately start talking very explicitly (something I don't normally object to with a lover but at that time of the day??? hmm). At no point did he consider my feelings, my sleep pattern or whether I had company. It was all about him and his needs and the fact that he'd managed to sneak out of bed and go to the lounge to call me. I was supposed to be grateful!!!

Needless to say, words were exchanged and I told him I'd ring later in the morning, which I did. More words were exchanged, and because of his selfish attitude and complete disregard or consideration for who else could have been with me, we have now parted company. His argument was, and this is a classic, "You're single Karen, you should be available any time I want you, and what can I possibly be disturbing? I got up in the middle of the night just to talk to you!"

I would NEVER have called him in his bed when he is lying with his wife. I would NEVER have texted him after 5pm never mind at 5am. I would NEVER have started an erotic conversation with a man who was fast asleep and getting up for work 2 hours later. So why was it ok to do that to me? Thankfully I wasn't otherwise engaged, I was sleeping alone, but even so it was incredibly invasive and annoying.

This is not the first time a man has taken liberties, so to speak, texting or calling or even turning up at my house at inopportune moments, but apparently, because I'm single, its acceptable. I know there are some selfish men in this world, and some who have no social skills, manners or restraint, but do married men actually think like that when they are dating a single woman? Is she supposed to be 'available' for him anytime he wants?

Suffice to say another has bitten the dust, and to be honest I'm more than happy about it, because as 'available' as I like to make myself when I'm with a man, the beauty of my lifestyle is my time is my own when I'm not actually on a date. Guys like their space to be with their families, and I like my space to do my own thing, which is why dating married men suits me so well, but when the line is crossed.............

Rules are great, when everyone understands the boundaries, but it should never be one rule for him and another rule for the single girl who is there to make his life more pleasurable 'occasionally' not every minute of every day! :)


  1. I understand completely there are always rules. I am a married mistress and i have rules too to protect anyone from being hurt and safe guard my fun time. We are all entitled to free time so good on you girl for standing up for them .

  2. Well done you for standing up for yourself. Why should you be at his beck and call just because you are single? I bet if the boot had been on the other foot you would be labelled a bunny boiler. He doesn't deserve you.

  3. Wow! 4:15 in the morning is very ballsy. That should be so obvious that it shouldn't even have to be a "rule."