Monday, 18 May 2009

Dating signs.....

It's so frustrating when you don't know if your date is shy, a bit distracted or if they are just not that into you. These warning signs and tips can apply to men or women, so watch for them next time you're on that hot date you're convinced is going really well :)

Foot tapping
If your date is shuffling or tapping his feet, be alert. This can be a sign he's bored or uncomfortable. If you're sitting outside on a freezing day, bear in mind he may be trying to warm himself up!

Wide eyes
Your new date is not coming out of her shell – quiet answers paired with an inability to make eye contact. If you get the chance, check out her pupil size – if they're dilated then she likes what she sees. Just make sure you're not sitting in front of a poster of a baby or kitten.

Crossed arms
People cross their arms in front of their chest as a self-defensive mechanism and is often used to prevent people getting too close. If your date has crossed their arms and has their feet pointing away from you, they may be mentally imagining going somewhere else.

So she's giving you a big smile - looks good, doesn't it? Beware, as smiling is often used to mask nervousness or boredom. Make sure her smile reaches her eyes, otherwise it's most likely a fake.

Your latest date is always keeping you waiting for longer than 30 minutes – he's just one of those disorganised late types right? Perhaps, or maybe he just has better things to do. Bring the subject up with him and if he keeps being late, it's time to trade him up for someone who wears a watch.

If your date spends the evening chatting away, you may think it's a good sign. Make sure you have a chance to get a word in edgeways on your next date and see if they listen to you, otherwise you could find they are only interested in themselves.

When your first date sits down and plonks his mobile phone on the table between you, be aware you may come second to his social or work life. Unless he's a doctor on call or looking after a sick relative, he doesn't need to spend ages on the phone during your date – it's a signal he's not that interested.

Dress sense
His hair could do with a wash and he has food all over his shirt, but you think he's gorgeous anyway. If you keep dressing up for a date and he keeps dressing down, he may not be that bothered. Ask him to a swanky restaurant and see if he takes it up a notch.

Why does he have sweaty hands, keep fidgeting and regularly looks away from you? The most likely reason is that you make him nervous. Unless you're shouting or threatening him, this is a good sign that he fancies you. Be kind and tell him you like him too.


  1. Useful tips, thanks! Now, how can I tell if she's faking her orgasm?

  2. If you can't tell that then you're not paying enough attention :)

    1. It should be obvious.
    2. She shouldn't need to be faking it if you're doing it right :)