Saturday, 16 May 2009

I'm an IT now :)

Following dipping my toe into the world of the media I know not everyone agrees with what I do, but that is to be expected, but there have been some truly vile people in this world who have not only disliked what I have done, but have actually fallen over themselves to be hideous about it. I must admit, if I was a weaker person, and less self assured and confident, I would be affected by it, but I know enough about myself not to take anyones opinion seriously, especially those who are spending their lives criticising others from behind closed doors :)

I got an email from a friend, directing me to a blog (and not a pleasant blog - a truly ignorant, rude and ill informed blog, that actually could be quite dangerous if taken seriously). I'm shocked and saddened that some people out there spend their lives feeling so strongly about things that don't concern them.

I must admit I did laugh about the blog initially, especially when I had been compared to Matt Lucas, but then I continued to read it, and fell upon an article saying Samantha Orobator should be abandoned and left to be shot by the Laos officials. A little harsh I think. Anyway, I thought I'd post my article on here because I thought it was funny, but I'll put up the blog address too, for those who might want to see this mans work, and figure whether he's actually saying what everyone is thinking, or is sitting, no doubt in his bedroom at his mothers house, having never kissed a girl, and angry that no one takes him seriously. Maybe we will read about him one day, when he's gone crazy and shot everyone in his old school!!

Call me a "fat ugly bitch darling" everybody does

According to the Daily Mail

"She is a divorcee who knows first hand the pain that infidelity can cause, yet 42-year-old Karen Marley (below right) still chooses to be an utterly shameless serial mistress"

Oh Yeah? She must be hitting them over the head first then, because we cannot see anyone wanting to buy the fat minger a drink let alone shag it, She's got more chins than a Chinese phone book, fingers like chunky beef sausages, the fashion sense of a fucking grasshopper and no doubt breath that can strip paint.

Frankly it is far more at home tied up in a field munching on a bale of straw rather than lurking around in bedrooms YUK

BTW did anyone else spot the uncanny likeness to "Bubbles De Vere" AKA Matt Lucas.

A quick office poll revealed none of us would want to fuck it OR pay its feed bill,

Its just Wrong!


Thanks for your opinion sonny :) lol I guess this makes me an IT girl now :) lol

For those who agree or are curious about this nutter here is the link, happy laughing!! lol

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  1. First rule of being in the public eye - don't read your own press! These days people feel they can say whatever they want, especially when they can hide behind fake names on blogs and in comment sections. Cowards one and all. Not to mention the sheer ego of the man, thinking his taste in women speaks for all men. Stupid, stupid boy.