Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More press........

I've been heavily criticised for my recent radio appearances but I suppose once you're on the media treadmill you have to get on with it, and just when I think its dying down, there is another article surfacing, one I assumed wasn't going to be used.

Anyway, the link is

And you're getting it before it hits the presses tomorrow morning.

Let me know what you think, good or bad, and I figure with that awful picture its going to be more bad than good! lol


  1. I dunno what the daily mail have to say but i'm listening to you now on talksport and I find nothing wrong with what you are doing. Paul x

  2. Thank you Paul :) I appreciate the support, amazing how little there was tonight, but I will never please everyone all of the time :) Its been fun though, and Adrian is great to talk to, much nicer than the other interviews I've done.

    Thanks again for the support xxxx

  3. Read the Mail article. Must say that 20 lovers over 6 odd years doesn't axactly make you a hussy. The screaming headlines are a bit odd.

    As for the picture, tough one that. I personally like it, though it could do with some improvement. But if I'm being honest, your current photos need a refresh on this site.

    More importantly though, you look well fit :-)

  4. Now now, what is wrong with my pics on here? lol. Tut tut :)