Friday, 1 May 2009

Radio Newcastle

Ha, well that was hilarious.

The 'interview' didn't exactly go as expected, although I did a cracking job of holding my own. The presenter was on a negative slant as soon as he introduced me as the 'Mistress who has slept with 50 married men'. Tut tut. We all know that's not all it is! I wonder if it was guilt making him handle it that way lol.

It seems the interviewers are trying to floor me as sport but they haven't realised that just makes me fight back even harder :)

I'll listen to the interview again before I make any further comment, its always hard to take it all in when its actually happening. But suffice to say, the discussion went on for another 2 hours, so that is a result as far as I'm concerned :)

I'll post a link to i player soon xxxx

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