Sunday, 10 May 2009


For not blogging much this weekend. Been in a truly shocking mood with everyone after Thursday so I think I'm still sulking. I'll be back to my usual self tomorrow. Maybe its hormones, maybe its withdrawal symptoms, maybe its just realising that some people are generally badly behaved and have no manners. Time to rethink one or two people in my life and change things.

I've always been a big believer that if something isn't making you very happy then it should be eliminated or changed. Either way I think there will be a cleansing session going on in my life and time to find something or someone different.

Watch this space, changing things always create great stories and interesting opinions :)


  1. did i miss what upset you on thursday

  2. As my ex said "when my man isn't enhancing my life then it's time to move on"... you can guess the rest.

    Change can be very empowering and should be embraced so do what you have to...

  3. What happened on Thursday? Please tell, gory details and all - it will be cathartic for you! BTW, I thought your interviews were pretty tough - I would never have the grit to put myself through those!