Friday, 8 May 2009

Talk Sport

Just a short post because its 5am and I'm still up, listening to Talk Sport, after doing about 2 hours on the Adrian Goldberg show. Its been tough, but great fun.

I wanted to welcome my new followers and anyone who enjoyed or hated my interview. If you are curious about me and wanted to know more about what I do and who I am then by all means ask the question, comment on my blog, or Twitter me, good or bad I'll always reply.

Its been an absolute pleasure talking to Adrian, and the callers have been 'interesting' to say the least. I was very pleased to get my say, and cover many aspects of my lifestyle choice. Its very difficult to get across what I do and why in the space of a five minute interview, but over 2 hours it was fascinating to see the different comments, changing (quite dramatically) from very negative with no support, to several pats on the back and offers! :) Clearly it takes a while to get the whole story across and I want to thank Talk Sport and Adrian Goldberg for giving me that opportunity.

Now I need to sign off and hit the sack, its been a very long night. The sun and the birds are up and I've not even got as far as my bed yet! :) I need all the beauty sleep I can get!

I will blog tomorrow night, with far more detail about my interview, and some of the comments received, and subjects that have surfaced today, from the Daily Mail article or my radio appearance.

Night everyone and I welcome my new followers and fans :)


  1. Hi Karen just wanted to give you a pat on the back from a female! I've listened to talksport for years, I never phone in, I think Adrian did good job on the interview and you were brave considering some of the comments made.

    Marriage and singledom are two different worlds for women in my opinion - men happily flit between the two where as most women block out the possibility that their man would ever look at another woman and are heart broken when it does (been there got the t-shirt).

    Being on the single side of the fence myself and not wanting marriage or kids there are different rules, naughtier ones that I think you couldn't express in a domestic setting with kids and relatives and all those trappings.

    I like being single, but like you said there aren't that many interesting, single men floating about so if you happen to meet a sexy one, in a platonic / stale marriage - well it's kind of natural things are going to happen.

    I think most men play away and always have done, it's up to us women to accept that, no matter how mentally painful it is to us -

    "the other woman" will always get the blame (be the villain) in this society, because people can't accept it any other way.

    All the best, Zara (lemonknickers)

  2. Hi Karen i didnt get a reply off you from Adrian this morning. If you've got the Ben and Jerry's i've got the time ha. John on the M6.

  3. Thank you Zara, I really appreciate your comments, not many women 'understand' what I do, I am the devil lol, but its always very nice to hear someone who completely appreciates what I do and why I do it. Thanks for the commments, and the follow, and I look forward to hearing your comments regularly :)

  4. Hi John on the M6, I'm not sure you can do much from the M6, you're quite a distance away from me, and you've got me wondering if you actually live on the M6, in a caravan in a layby :)

    Thanks for the offer, and I'm always open to negotiation when it comes to the pleasures of my two favourite men, Ben and Jerry :)

  5. Im sure me Ben and Jerry can negotiate a good time with you and no i dont live on the M6 in a caravan have you seen how busy and noisy it is on there? we wouldnt be able to concentrate on anything ha. Im actually a truck driver with a fast motorbike and a sat nav with directions to richmond on it ha. from john now not on the M6. x

  6. Tut tut for not emailing me information like that lol

  7. Does that mean i might get instructions to put in my sat nav one day then? ha from John not on the M6 x