Thursday, 23 July 2009

BBC Three Counties interview...

I was quick to 'comment' on the JVS interview technique with Rosie on Friday, but everyone who reads my work knows I speak my mind, sometimes too bluntly, sometimes at the risk of offending (but never intentionally) but always honestly.

After listening to the interview again I considered if I had been harsh, jumped to conclusions too quickly, and missed the essence of what he was trying to say. I hadn't! But it made me realise that my honesty, and the honesty of those around me, and ironically the honesty of the men and women on the Illicit Encounters website, opened us up to the vitriolic attack on our nature.

In days gone by affairs were quiet, seedy, silent, hidden and as such no one was ever criticised for it, until they were caught. But now, thanks to the media and technology, people can be far more 'honest' about what they are looking for and need. Being labelled 'grubby' simply because they have been honest with themselves about what they need to potentially make them happy, is incredibly sad and small minded.

No one is 'grubby' because they are looking for a chink of happiness in their otherwise mundane, unfulfilled lives. Would we be slower to judge if faced with a single man who preferred picking up drunken strangers, taking advantage of them and disappearing without a word when she's finally passed out at four in the morning? Is he less grubby because he is single? Is a married man only grubby if he finds a mistress on the Internet? If he takes his secretary to bed as opposed to find potential partners on the net, does it make it less adulterous, less grubby? No!

So JVS, think before you judge, think before you criticise a company for offering a very valid, and necessary service, efficiently and discreetly. Think before you condemn someone for trying to find some happiness any way they can, and think before you judge a man looking for his perfect mistress and avoid hurting the ones he loves. That's not grubby, but judging a situation you are ill informed about, is.

JVS please think before you speak, and to all of my grubby friends and followers - keep up the good work!! :)

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