Sunday, 19 July 2009

Radio Three Counties....

Link to Jonathan Vernon-Smiths show on BBC Radio Three Counties.

He was decent with me, but surprisingly hideous to Rosie FJ. Good work handling him hun, but my god JVS, you should be ashamed of yourself speaking to a woman like that. Being controversial is one thing, but being rude is another! It strikes me you were speaking from experience, maybe thats why men are passionate about this subject!

Starts 2 hours in.

Available until Friday 24th July.

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  1. I was disgusted with the way he spoke to Rosie but also by the way he portrayed the people who visit and sign up to these sites.
    Not convinced at all about the gene theory as I think the majority of married people on Illicit encounters, whether male or female, are looking for something that is missing from their relationship and that is often something a little more meaningful than just sex.

    Take Care