Thursday, 27 August 2009

How to spot a married man...

As a Serial Mistress I obviously know a thing or two about married men. As I meet them online I guess its fairly easy, they have 'married' in their profile :) But for the girls out there who are out and about, dating in clubs and pubs, or meeting guys off regular dating sites, I thought I'd give you a few pointers for spotting married men, who might not have confessed to being attached :)

One or two will be obvious, but hopefully they will all help you spot the ones who are attempting to hide their marital status from the world.

  1. The white line on tanned fingers where his wedding band should be. There is usually a dent or a line where they have quickly slid the ring off and into his pocket.
  2. Office hours communication, if he only wants to speak to you during the day, or offers lunch but never dinner then you need to consider he may well be attached. 'Please don't text me after 5' is usually a huge give away.
  3. He's reluctant to meet any of your friends or family, especially at the weekend, because it reduces the chance of him meeting someone he might actually know.
  4. You do solitary pursuits together, he's keen on quiet days in the countryside, staying home with a DVD or getting a take away rather than dinner in a restaurant. If he doesn't want to be seen in public with you its not because he doesn't want to share you or your time with anyone else, its because he doesn't want to be caught.
  5. His clothes will smell of fabric conditioner. Its a well known fact that single men don't even know what fabric conditioner is, and only when they get hitched does the word 'Comfort' or 'Lenor' even enter their vocabulary.
  6. He disappears during dinner to 'make a quick phonecall'. It usually means he's saying goodnight to the wife and kids.
  7. He pays for everything with cash, or a business credit card, never his own, and he always destroys the receipt for whatever he has bought.
  8. He never 'plays' while wearing any clothes, and doesn't encourage affection when you're fully made up and he has a white shirt on. He's keen to be naked while you have fun together, and smartly folds his clothes instead of discarding them on the floor.
  9. He has baby wipes in his car even though he swears he has no children, they are remarkably good for getting make up out of things!
  10. Any present you ever buy for him he keeps at your house, and tells you its because he wants to use it only when he's with you.

I hope these help some girls, but then again its good fun dating married guys sometimes, but only when he's honest about it.

Good luck hunting girls :)


  1. Thanx! Cool tips and things to look out for...
    Especially since I'm single and searching now. I don't like it though.

  2. You should see it as an opportunity to meet amazing new people, make great new friends, and have lots of fun and laughs :) There is plenty of time to be settled down and bored :) lolol :) Good luck hunting xxx

  3. Do men really attempt this deception? I've had my share of illicitness (and that of a few others too) and never hidden my marital status from a partner/prospective partner.