Thursday, 6 August 2009

Kienos Interview...

Thanks to Kieno, it was a pleasure doing his show tonight. What a refreshing change that I didn't get any abuse or grief for my 'lifestyle' choice. Maybe the South Africans are more broadminded than the English :)

Anyway, it raised a couple of interesting points in the show. Firstly, what constitutes and affair, is it just talking to someone? Discussing intimate subjects, sharing secrets, fantasies and dreams? Is it meeting? Kissing? Dating? Eating together? Or is it actually when there is sex involved? When does it turn from being innocent to being an affair? I'd love to hear your opinions on this, because it is a question I have been asked often.

Kieno, in the 'controversial presenter' role, asked how many men I had met from Illicit Encounters and had an affair with? I was also asked the same question during an interview earlier today, but its a nightmare question to answer. They answer they clearly want is how many married men have I slept with, but of course that is not something I wish to divulge, but is that specifically when it becomes an affair? Or am I having an affair with my close, married friends who share their deepest, darkest thoughts with me, and tell me things they couldn't possibly tell their wives? I'd love to hear my followers opinions on this.

The show also brought up the subject of confessions, thanks to the True Wife Confession blog he was also discussing (great blog worth checking out - Michael called in with his dilemma, he had an affair a long time ago, is still with his wife and loves her dearly, but carrying the guilt of the affair has been destroying him, should he tell her and finally lose the burden or should he keep it to himself and deal with it? I was so impressed with the other callers, who all rallied around him, offering very useful advice, but the conclusion was 'No, shut up about it, its not fair telling your wife just to absolve your guilt', and 'No, don't tell her, because its been and gone and there's no point hurting her any more'. All very wise advice, but is that what you would have suggested? I'd be interested to know.

Anyway, it was a great show, very interesting debates and handled very well. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my first toe dipping into the world of South African radio was an absolute pleasure :)

Thank you Kieno.

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  1. For me the affair is not just about sex,I think the betrayal starts when you are even looking to share secrets or time with another.I remember being devistated when I heard my hubby had been walking along a beach chatting with another woman because I knew thats what we did when we needed to share things and just enjoy being together.