Sunday, 22 November 2009

It never stops....

The abuse never stops, peoples opinions never change, no matter how much I explain what I do, no matter how many times I say I don't wreck families, no matter how many times I try to help those who don't understand what and why I do it, to see that I cause no harm, still the abuse continues. I get offensive mail from people, and now I'm even getting abused on Facebook! Ah well, I suppose these things will always happen, because those who are quick to criticise tend not to be intelligent enough to see both sides of an argument. Apparently I'm a 'sad old slapper' with no life, that's refreshing don't you think? :) But being criticised for the spot I do on Adrian's show on TalkSport is unacceptable. I go on there because Adrian asks me to. We have a great time, a laugh, a chat and we help people with their problems. We help those with issues they can't necessarily talk to anyone else about, and we broaden the minds of the listeners who may never have come across some of our subjects, its educational but most of all its great fun. I always knew I would be leaving myself open to criticism, no matter what form of media exposure I get, but I'm always gobsmacked at how critical complete strangers can be, even when they have been given all of the facts.

I suppose I'm getting used to it now, but it still doesn't make it any nicer. I won't stop what I'm doing just because someone says 'Stop it you slapper', because I'm pretty sure I'm happier with my life than they are with theirs. Too many people lash out at those who are living their lives how they WANT to, as opposed to how they need to. My life is mine, and always will be, and because of that I will take the abuse and harassment on the chin and it will change nothing, so bring it on, one and all, do your worst, it still won't stop me!!! :)

I'm happy with my life because its mine, are you happy with yours??!!?


  1. Hey Karen baby,

    Don't worry about it - they are idiots who live in glass houses and stupidly still think that they can throw stones at anyone who donesn't live life by thair pathetic conventional standards!

    XOXO as always,


  2. :) Thanks hun,, nice to know someone loves me :) xxxx

  3. doesn't and their - don't want you thinking I'm as bad as that dumb guy from your other post..

  4. Oh goodness me hun, I hadn't even noticed that, and I would never criticise your grammar, you're not a guy who has never read a book in his life! :) lololol

  5. Hi Serial Mistress!

    I must admit that I think the 'feedback' you've had says more about your critics than it does about you. Too often their arguments amount to just "'cos you shouldn't do it" rather than understanding why people do it.

    Since the dawn of time we had 'the oldest profession' and extra marital lovers - royal families across the world have survived down the ages purely because of affairs and mistresses!

    I suppose what I'm saying is that none of this is new and if anything some people (well a noisy minority) don't like/don't want to believe it happens or to try understand why it happens. Obviously some must have absolutely perfect relationships - actually I don't believe that for a moment, if anything it's probably because they've had a failed relationship and are still playing the victim rather than looking at themselves and the role they played in it's failure.

  6. NH - I completely agree hun, usually if I've created a passionate response its because they have been there or want to be there, and have realised that their lives are so incredibly dull that they need to criticise everyone around them, and occupy their time by finding people to bully! :) I simply rise above it now :)