Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tiger's 'Personal Sins'....

I don't know whether to thank Tiger Woods or not :)

Yet again, infidelity has hit the headlines, good and proper, thanks to Tiger and his 'wicked ways' as they keep describing his indiscretions. He has slipped up, obviously, and left evidence all over the place, just as Bill Clinton did, but these women have kept all of the necessary proof of an affair (for a long time, I might add) just in case! I suppose that's the price to pay when you're incredibly famous, and dating a 'financially challenged' cocktail waitress. But of course, because the world is aware of his behaviour, and shocked by the downfall of this 'squeaky clean' sportsman, the subject is being discussed on practically every live radio or TV show.

I appeared on Adrian Goldberg's show on TalkSport last night and Jonathan Vernon Smith's BBC Three Counties show this afternoon, speaking about whether a relationship could survive an affair. Both shows were interesting, and clearly the more this country talks about the subject, the more acceptable it is becoming. I thankfully received no grief, there was no criticism of the women involved in Mr Wood's 'personal sins', and it seems he is the only one at fault now, which is progress in my eyes, and significant progress too.

I've spent the last year hearing how hateful and outrageous I am, choosing to date married men I should be ashamed of myself, stealing men from their wives, wrecking families, destroying children's security, etc, but regular followers of my activities know that is never on the agenda, and I wouldn't dream of having any part in a marriage break up, so, today, it was very interesting to hear support for what I do and also agreement for my comments about an affair actually repairing a broken relationship, or improving a stale marriage.

I have always considered an affair, fling, one night stand or even a flirt, as some form of marital aid, but have been criticised for thinking that way. Its remarkable how many people I know who have been closely affected by an affair or 'indiscretion' and are now stronger than ever. They have forgiven, but not necessarily forgotten, and both are now making far more effort, its kicked the complacency into touch. That can only be a good thing, surely. Admittedly the initial anger, disappointment and hurt can provoke some extreme reactions - if the stories about Tiger's 'club-wielding' wife are to be believed. I've seen the effects of that shock, but after some adult conversation, improved communication and plenty of understanding, it is possible to put all of that anger behind you, move on and improve the flagging relationship.

I'm so sorry for Tigers wife, its a hell of a way to find out about his 'personal sins' and it makes a mockery of that squeaky clean image he has been cultivating for years. Why don't men just admit, and women accept, that they are never that pure, and all, regardless of how committed to their God, are capable of succumbing to temptation.

However, thanks to the recent press activity, I am pleased to see that the world is becoming more accepting of 'the Mistress' position, I know I will never be seen as an angel, or heroine, for what I do, but over time, hopefully, I will be able to walk down the street without the fear of being tied to a chair and dunked in the local lake! :)


  1. Tied to the chsir sounds fun...

    dunked in the lake not so much though

  2. I totally agree with you Keren baby - I feel that since I've been seeing other men my marriage has improved and the plain honest truth is that whilst I love sleeping witht hese men I would NEVER want to break up their marriage or mine for that matter..

    XOXO as always,


  3. I was thinking of renaming my husband Tiger , then thought better of it ,pot calling the kettle and all that.Always wish I was as brave as you Karen and be more up front about it.