Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Phone numbers....

Am I the only one who deletes phone numbers when they are either:-

a. no longer needed because we tried it, it didn't work and it is over and done with,
b. no longer needed because he was a cock before we even got chance to meet,
c. there was nothing to be over and done with, cos we swapped numbers but never got any further than one text, because we got distracted elsewhere, and now I can't remember who he is! :)

Either way, I delete the number because my phone would be full of random names, I wouldn't be able to keep track, and I'd take too long scrolling past them when I have a cool joke to send to someone I actually know and like :)

Anyway, the reason I ask is because the season of goodwill has been upon us once again, and the time to wish everyone in your phone a merry Christmas, and a happy new year, has arrived. Of course the fact that practically everyone is drunk late at night doesn't help matters.

In the past 2 weeks I have received 18 Merry Christmas/Happy New Year texts and five late night calls to say 'Hi, how are you and where did we go wrong?', not to mention the 'Oops sorry, I meant to call my sister Karen - who are you?' Classic!!!

So why have these people even kept my number? I'm clearly not interested. I'm clearly not planning on calling them, and we're clearly never going to get together. Is it a difference in the sexes? The girls automatically 'Tidy up' to avoid confusion, accidental drunken text messages, or to ensure our phonebook is kept to an efficient, manageable size? Yet the men have endless random names and numbers in their phones, just in case their mates ever look, they have 500 entries to make them look popular. If it was a non-electronic version it would resemble an obscenely bulging Little Black Book, and apparently knowing five Karens, 17 Traceys, 11 Susans and a Jessica means they are a 'stud'! :)

It's bizarre. I have never sent a text message to my entire phonebook by mistake, because I have business numbers in it, and I am careful! I wouldn't dream of sending a rude message to everyone because my ex husband and my family are in my phone. Also I have never mistakenly rung someone at 2am in a drunken mess because chances are I'd call a married man's number and cause havoc, or worse, a divorce! Or possibly call my mother and send her into a tailspin wondering who has died because 'No one calls at that time of night unless it's bad news!'

I have rambled on about phone numbers before, but that was the idiotic, thoughtless use of my number from someone I was seeing at the time, but when men I have never met are calling or texting over a year after we exchanged numbers, it just feels wrong!

Maybe someone can enlighten me. Is it, like I mentioned, a difference with the sexes? Do men keep numbers as trophies and women want to delete the unnecessary from their lives? Is it just me - am I overly keen to tidy up and delete superfluous numbers? Or am I so irresistible and unforgettable that men keep my number in the hope they may, one day, need to resurrect what never happened?

Anyway, to all the people out there nursing my number and reading this, don't call me when you're drunk, or text me something random or rude at 2am, cos I may well store your number and do the same to you some day!!! :-)


  1. Hi Karen baby,

    Mayne it's a girl thing because I too like you delete all unused/old numbers as well as also being VERY careful in regards to whom I text and what with...

    (Although I have once sent a saucy text about Coco De Mer to David my boss instead of Davina my friend!)

    XOXO as always,


  2. Hahaha how funny :) Thankfully he didn't sack you lol :)

    I wonder how many other readers have made monumental screw ups with text messages and calls, I think its fascinating lol.

  3. No he didn't sack me but I think he now knows just a bit too much about my favourite sex shop and what I would like to buy from there...!

    XOXO as always,