Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Where have you done it? ....

I've just received a book I ordered, about Sex in public places, and it sparked a conversation with my current 'potential' as to where we have been naughty. It started quite innocently, but suddenly all the mental pictures of where I had 'done it' came flooding back. It made me curious where my fans and followers had tried it.

I recently spoke to another 'potential' who was very new to the world of infidelity. I asked him what he wanted to try with his mistress that he had never experienced before, a fantasy or something he'd always wanted to try but never had the balls to ask for. He literally blushed on his web cam, and said 'Anywhere outdoors, in fact, anywhere other than the bedroom!' After a lengthy discussion about exactly what he meant, it turned out he'd only experienced bed sex, for his entire sexual past. Never on the stairs, never in a car (even in his teen years), never on the sofa, never outside etc. I felt so sorry for him that he had never tried the unbelievable rush experienced with risky or public-place sex.

Back to my original conversation though, we started to compare notes, and as wild as he considered himself, I apparently can give him a run for his money. As it's not a competition I'm not telling you who did what to whom, and where, but our list of locations looked something similar to this:

How many can you tick or add to? I'd love to hear from you :)

Car - several makes and models, including estates, saloons, hatchbacks, convertibles, old, new, supercars, classics, vintage, and embarrassments :)
Motorbike - not while it was moving I might add (over it!!)
Hospital bed
Hospital Casualty department toilets
Public Park
Swimming pool - hotel
Swimming pool - public
Beach - In the UK
Beach - Abroad
Pub toilets
Pornographic cinema
Restaurant - under the table
Night club toilets
Night club fire escape
Night club office
Lay by - several times, and several lay bys
Pub car park
Phone box
Casino office
Office block toilets
Office desk
Doctors surgery
Hairdressing salon
Dental surgery
Newsagents shop
Department store changing room
Theatre dressing room

I am sure there are many more I could add to the list, and will keep thinking of them, because I've always been a fan of new places :)

I hope you're not all too shocked by the extensive range of places :) it was our combined list, but as a 'potential' who I am yet to meet, I am imagining what we will be like when we do eventually get together? Watch this space and keep an eye open for hand prints on your bonnet, or heel marks on your front lawn! You never know where we might end up next! :)


  1. Does a discreet blowjob or a digitally delivered climax count for the purpose of ticking off a location, or does it have to be full penetrative sex to a conclusion for at least one of the parties involved?

  2. Oh I'm a huge fan of anything out of the ordinary, so there are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes sex in a public place :) Interpret it however you please :) Even if its a bit of self love! lol :)

  3. Sweetie, the list is only meaningful if it has some measure of clarity to it. At the very least there needs to be a minimum of two people involved!

  4. Right, remind me to keep an eye out for strange noises and things that go bump in the night Karen baby!

    That list is just so funny - had me in a combination of shock, awe and respect..

    XOXO as always,


  5. Happy, its a list of places I've done it lol, and to be honest if anyone I knew had experienced some self love in any of those places they really do want a pat on the back too lol, does it matter whether it was alone or as part of a mass orgy? Quantity isn't important, its variety that matters :) But if you want to volunteer the information about yourself and A N Other then we'd love to hear it :)

    And wifey - I usually go bump in the night, so keep listening lol, and I'm so pleased with your reactions :) I hope it didn't shock too much, but also hope it inspired you to try a few :) xxxx


  6. Edinburgh Castle in a prison cell, an electric moment.

  7. sex other than bed is exciting. include anal and blowjob. ever try it in car while driving, Traffic light, in shopping carpark, Cinema, in garden, Cabel car park, Oil-station , sex inside van, cafe. we ever get caught by police.but it really make ur adrenalin up.